Did You Know That Deleting Files Doesn’t Actually Destroy The Data?

by | Jul 21, 2020

You can use a hammer, or soak your computer in water or gasoline, but deleting data often leaves the data intact. This means your buyer on eBay, or your local dumpster diver now has your data.

Especially now, in a work-from-home world, employees deal with high quantities of sensitive data sent to their personal devices for temporary use. Of course, they’re instructed to store data securely or delete after use.

Unfortunately, most don’t know how to do this. Many are sharing a server with their gaming teenager; suddenly, company data is available via an unsecured server to every gamer their teen is chatting with.

Whether you’re replacing your device or simply using it at home on a personal network, it’s critical to understand secure methods for wiping data from your devices.

There’s no telling how long employees will continue working from home, unsupervised, with sensitive data coming and going from their mobile devices and computers.

Educate now; prevent disaster down the road.